People to Follow

Key influencers and thought leaders in the space of B2B Product Management who regularly publish, have their own blogs or podcasts, or conduct meetups and webinars.

John Cutler

As the former Product Evangelist at Amplitude, John Cutlerloves wrangling complex problems and answering the why with qual/quant data”. He is a great systems thinker and regularly publishes interesting insights via his blog.

Jason Knight

One Knight in Product

Jason Knight helps organizations, teams & individuals to get great at Product Management. He has a specific focus and many valuable insights specifically about B2B. Via his website, Jason provides a great podcast as well as a highly recommended newsletter.

Tim Herbig

Tim Herbig is a Product Management coach, trainer, and consultant who, among many other topics, described the Adaptable Product Discovery framework.

Tim Herbig‘s website

Product Academy

Product Academy founded by Tanja Lau specializes in providing coaching, workshops, and team events to “empower product people“. 

Product Academy website

Product People

Product People founded by Mirela Mus offer interim/fractional Product Managers/Owners, Product Ops, or Product Leaders to cover parental leaves, scale Product Management teams, or lead key initiatives while bridging the gap until a full-time employee joins. They also organize many highly recommended webinars and meetups providing great opportunities for networking.
Product People website