Insights, Benefits, and Reasons-to-Believe

A marketing framework to find out and describe the value a product or feature brings to a user.

Objectives of Reasons-to-Believe (RTB)

  • To describe the actual value of a product, service, or feature to a user – so always taking a user’s perspective
  • To distinguish between the WHY (what’s the reason this feature is needed), the WHAT (what is the value for the user) and the HOW (how can the user trust we deliver)
  • To be as precise as possible and nail specific features that solve specific pain points as learned via specific insights



A fact or very strong belief about the status quo. Something we found out about our users, customers, or markets that appears to be a problem.


A value from the user’s perspective; describing what the user would gain from having this product or feature.

In B2B it can be both, a value for the actual user (can work more efficiently) or a value for the customer (save money).


A short reasoning or argumentation that makes the user believe/trust we deliver that value.





Keyboards on phones such as the Motorola Razr are just not appropriate. They are not flexible enough but instead, there is always the same physical keyboard that is getting in the way of users depending on what they try to do with their mobile phone.

The keyboard is there when you needed it, in the size and shape you need it.

Instead of a physical keyboard, the iPhone comes with a touch screen and API by means of which it can be adjusted. 

Internet coverage is increasing fast and there is already high coverage in most rural areas.

No need to go to BlockBuster, just stream movies whenever you want.

Netflix has more films for download than even the biggest BlockBuster shop can store.

Coffee Americano just doesn’t taste well but real espresso machines create a mess at home.

Coffee at home just like in the Italian restaurant, without the hassle.

Nespresso capsules offer a premium taste and are easy to handle.

Public transport cannot offer enough coverage, private cars are stuck in traffic jams.

Easily take the last mile from the station to the office.

E-scooters are flexible, cheap, and can be rented spontaneously.


Very often, brands, new products, or even features can be described highly specifically by following a pattern like

Achieve this benefit by way of a reason-to-believe.

such as for some (silly 🤣) examples:

Never miss an important date because we will remind you.
Get to your destination faster based on our patented GPS routing technology.
Increase the safety of your loved ones by using our certified protective gear.
Don't lose money by trusting our expert tax accountants.

For Product Managers, it’s essential that they are able to bring across the key value of the products they build in such a concise statement.